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A Hearty Welcome To Juliana’s Blog; Heaven’s Clarion. A home To Just About Everything In Juliana’s Heart.

Juliana’s Blog Features Posts Which Are Highly Influenced By My Christian Faith And My Nursing Profession, Alongside My Very Expressive Fields Of Interest. My Blog Posts Includes But Are Not Restricted To The Highlighted Blocks Coming Right Up.

Health & Wellness

A health professional would always advocate for a healthy life. And because I am one, I most definitely would give you tips, plans and all to help maintain your health. Not for reasons based on the physical needs alone, but for those based on that and even much more.

Sports & Fitness

Sports, is a vital part of life, (for me). It serves as a fuel to help keep one fit. It engages one’s body and senses. It would be awesome to join in A fitness journey fueled by the games you love to watch or play.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is one aspect of life that is purely divine. It has an inexplicable effect on one’s life. What’s more? It’s amazing when relaxation comes from letting your mind draw from God’s word. Learn a few simple yoga moves to do yourself more good. Remember; Every ‘body’ is a yoga body.

Lifestyle & Beauty

Ohh, I didn’t tell you? I am beautiful, not just on the outside but on the inside as well. Beauty stems from a place of complete dependence on the Oars of the Almighty. Come get beautiful lifestyle lessons, to help your body, soul and spirit glow with life.

Food & Special Recipes

Who does not like eating? Uhh, maybe someone out of this world. If you eat amazing foods, then this is for you. Experimental food mixes and mashes, you would most definitely want to try out. Join me in creating foods that’d whet your appetite, as well as nourish your body, your soul and your spirit (who says food must be physical?).

Music & Listening

“Music is Life”, I’m tempted to say. But then, the only kind of life is the Christ life. And I’m glad that Music is a huge part of it. Sounds are really amazing, and sometimes even in the noise you hear; there is a melodious harmony. It would sure be wonderful to listen for the music in sounds around you.

Dance & Body Synchrony

Now, someone would say; I saved the best for the last…. Did I? I guess I did. Dance is just a specialty beyond the natural human comprehension. A gift one would surely desire and a skill one cannot but just have. In this age where almost everything responds to music, dancing is the only match that appropriately fits. So dears, let me help you acquire it!